Why blog about shamanism?

  • Time: 17:30 PM

I have decided to start writing this blog in order to explain to others how Shamanism can help them to heal, how it can help them to have better lives and better relationships, how it can help them to be happier. When it comes to healing and health, I have made a promise to myself: to share only what I have experienced and has helped me, not what I have read on the internet, in papers, magazines, books or what others have experienced and talked to me about.

For now it will be a static content blog but you can always email your comments at munaynish@gmail.com




How come you smile so much?

  • Time: 17:53 PM

Someone asked me today: "How come you smile so much and seem to be so positive whenever I see you?" At that moment in time, when the question was asked, I did not know what to say, but just a second later I realised what is actually helping me everyday to be happier, have more energy and to be present with people. I replied to the person saying that I believe it is the shamanic work that is helping me to be more present, to be happier and to be more open to others. If you are struggling with depression, mood swings, if you struggle to smile and to be present with the people around you then maybe it is time to try something different, something ancient that can bring you healing at the core of your being: Shamanism.




Shamanism - how does it work?

  • Time: 12:38 PM

Chakras - each color of the rainbow is a chakra

Shamans work most of the time on our main energy centres which are called chakras. Chakras are swirling disks of energy. In Sanskrit, the word chakra means “wheel”. Chakras spin three to four inches outside our bodies and are connected to our spine and central nervous system. The chakras are a direct pipeline to the human neural network. They rotate clockwise and each of them has a unique frequency that we perceive as one of the seven colours of the rainbow. The Hopi believed that “the living body of a man and the living body of the earth were constructed in the same way. Through each ran an axis, man axis being the backbone, the vertebral column, which controlled the equilibrium of his movements and his functions. Along this axis were several vibratory centres which echoed the primordial sound of life through the universe”. References to chakras are found among the Hopi, the Inka, the Maya, as well as many other aboriginal cultures around the world. Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, also reference chakras as the body’s main energy centres. All the cultures that understand chakras also understand about the underlying connection that exists between each chakra and different organs and glands in the human body. This connection is based on the fact that each chakra regulates different functions in the body by regulating organs and glands.

Shamans believe that when a baby is born its chakras are very close to the pure colours of the rainbow, if not the same purity as the colours of the rainbow. As we grow older the colours in the chakras become dull. Trauma, loss, some events in our lives and other energies that we might carry with us leave their marks on our chakras as sludge that adheres to the chakras and does not permit the chakras to vibrate their pure frequencies.

As mentioned above, what is less known is that chakras are directly linked to different organs and glands in the body. For example, the heart chakra, which is located at the cardiac plexus, in the centre of the chest, not over the heart itself, regulates the thymus gland. The thymus gland is responsible for cell-mediated immunity. It is one of the main players in the immune response, critical in the development of B and T lymphocytes, the body’s “killer cells”. These cells fight against pathogens, organism that are foreign to the body and invade the body, creating infection, inflammation and sometimes illness. People with a depressed immune system respond well when Shamans work on their heart chakra.

The link between our main energy centres (chakras) and our physical body (organs and glands) is one of the ways in which Shamanic healing can be explained. Shamans work to release the sludge that makes our chakras dull, that makes our chakras not work at their pure frequency. When the chakra becomes less dull, more closer to one of the pure colours of the rainbow, more closer to its pure frequency, then it can better regulate different functions in the body. This is how we can explain one of the principles of shamanic medicine. This principle states that by extracting energies that do not belong in the body, illness goes away.




Changing the past

  • Time: 10:41 AM

Some people would say that we are the sum of our experiences. Of course, every experience that we had happened in the past. All of these stories or experiences that we lived have shaped us into who we are. What most of us believe is that all of these stories live only in our memory, our mind, and if we can change the way we think about these stories then we can change them, we can change our past. Shamans though, they know different. We know that, most of the time, energy is associated with a story, that is not the way we think about an experience or the way we remember it, but it is about the energy that is stored in our body relating to that story. Have you ever been in a stressful situation where your heart was pounding, or maybe your tummy or chest felt under a lot of pressure or in pain? This is the energy in your body relating to the story. Out bodies are amazing at telling us what is happening to us. The only thing we need to do is listen. Shamans know about this and they work to release this energy in the body that is associated with a past story. We do not believe in changing the past, we believe in healing it. Once healed, your past will no longer influence or better said, inform your present nor your future. You will no longer "live in the past", no longer react to a certain situation that is similar to a story in your past, you will be able to act on it. You will truly be free to live in the present, to be present for the people and the things that are important in your life.

Western culture wants to direct everything to the way we think, to our mind, our brain. Yes, part of our experience is related to our mind, but there is a part of it that resides in the body. Most of the time the part that resides in the body is the one that influences the mind, and not the other way around.

If you want to heal your past rather than changing it, if you want to start living more in the present than in the past, if you want to be more present, more available to the people and things that are important to you, no matter where you are in the world, you can book a consultation by emailing munaynish@gmail.com or text/call 00447490397437.